Saturday, April 30, 2011

Machibele Dam.. A just like that drive

Last Saturday, we got up at 7:30 am (mean feat), had some chai, changed, and left.

The car was fueled, the Mint Lounge picked up. The music was loud, the day, cloudy. A lot of music. And so the traffic jam of Mysore Road was braved.

At the last point of civilization as we know it, a little ahead of Kengeri and a little before Raja Rajeshwari Dental College, we stopped for some piping hot idlis, vada, upma, and filter coffee.

There was a little bakery right next to the restaurant, they had just baked fruit cake and smelled heavenly. So we did their bohni and drove on.

One turn and many nurseries/ farms later..

We have an unhealthy obsession for roads.

One turn in the long and winding road and then this.

The place was unbelievably quiet. It was a beautiful sight.

It seemed like an endless moment of quiet camaraderie.

The backwater was endless. And beautiful.

We explored some country roads and drove through the very narrow roads of a village.

And a railway track completed the journey.

If you live in Bangalore, really want to hit the road, but can't go out of town, drive to Machibele on a weekend morning. It's worth the trouble of an early Saturday.

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Sangeeta said...

I wonder if the dam still looks as beautiful as the ones you have put up. Would want to go there..